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VI Listers Ken and Sharlene's Wedding
Ken, Sharlene and 47 Chief
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Ken's friend Kate, Ken, Jim Parker and 47 Chief We were married on the 4th Nov 2002, at Balgal Beach, Nth Queensland (5 kms from my house on the ocean.) It was a beautiful day, except the council dug up all the grass to landscape the area the week before. We were loaned two large sheets of green tarp, so as to make the wedding area look grassy by some tourists! Unfortunatly, I was deployed overseas to another UN Peace Keeping mission a week after the wedding, so I didn't really get a chance to feel married.

We used the bike in a fair few shots, and couldn't be happier with the results. I've included a shot of Jim Parker and my friend Kate who is currently serving overseas in another theatre. The other is Sharlene and I on our 47 Chief (which is running like clockwork since Jim fixed that bloody generator of mine.)

Ken and Sharlene

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